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Short-term Scholar

Research Scholar / Professor (/scholarlong.htm) Visiting Scholars Program (/visitingscholar.htm)

Short-term scholar is by definition someone who is coming to Michigan State University (MSU) for a period not to exceed six months. For a scholar who is subject to it, the 12-month bar does not apply when he/she comes for short-term visits. Still a short-term scholar must satisfy all the requirements pertaining to all Visiting Scholars (including proof of adequate financial support). Also, if the visit is for a few weeks, such a scholar should check with the immigration officer in his/her country to see whether one can come on a tourist visa so that there is no need to complete the J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Request form. Any period longer than a few weeks would require the DS-2019 Request form which solicits information on what is required to be accepted as a Visiting Scholar: (

Regardless of whether they come for a few weeks or a longer period, advance communication with the African Studies Center and any other MSU academic units of interest must be made and the agreement to come obtained.

For details on how to apply, visit the Application section of the Visiting Scholars Program.

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