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MSU Africanist Graduate Student Research Conference

Spring Conference March 18-19, 2016

Keynote Lecture:
African Studies: The Epistemology as Protest Chima J. Korieh

Professor Chima J. Korieh holds a BA (First Class) honors degree from the University of Nigeria, MA from the University of Helsinki, Finland, MPhil from the University of Bergen, Norway and a PhD from the University of Toronto. A member of the Marquette University History faculty, Dr. Korieh's research and teaching focuses on social and economic change in colonial Africa. He has published several articles and essays and also edited or co-edited 10 volumes including: The Nigeria-Biafra War: genocide and the Politics of Memory (2012); The Land Has Changed: History, Society and Gender in Colonial Eastern Nigeria (2010), Against all Odds: The Igbo Experience in Post-Colonial Nigeria (2011); Shaping Our Struggles: Nigerian Women in History, Culture and Social Change (2010); Olaudah Equaino and the Igbo World: History, Society and Atlantic Diaspora Connections (2009); Gendering Global Transformations: Gender, Culture, Race, and Identity (2009); Missions, States, and European Expansion in Africa (2007) and The Aftermath of Slavery: Transitions and Transformations in Southeastern Nigeria (2007).

Currently, Dr. Korieh is researching African experiences during the Second World War. In particular, he is investigating how wartime mobilization of labor and resources affected African villages, towns, and cities in Nigeria. The resulting volume, tentatively titled, Untold Stories: African and the Second World War, will examine the methods and strategies the British employed to draw African support for the war and the effects of war policies on their lives. Dr. Korieh was a British Academy Fellows at Oxford University, UK in 2008.