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Resources About Africa

MSU Directories and Databases MSU Scholarship Online MSU African Language Resources MSU Libraries, Museums, and Publications External Resources on Africa

MSU's African Studies Center has become known for its many on-line resources about Africa that benefit U.S. and African scholars, school teachers, students, the media, business, and government. Many MSU Africanist faculty have created rich collections of digital materials and research reports on the Internet, as well.

MSU Directories and Databases

Ten directories and databases offer information about: 14,000 films and videos, food security and food policy for scholars and policy-makers, journals about Africa, higher education institutions throughout Africa, higher education resources on South Africa, African economics and business, and other topics.

MSU Scholarship Online

MSU Africanist faculty offer resources about Africa on the Internet on topics including democracy and civil society; digital resources from West Africa, a special collection about Islam in West Africa, and other topics.

MSU African Language Resources

Find an African Languages Instructional Guide for Use in Small Classes and a directory to resources for studying 82 high priority African languages. The ASC hosts the e-LCTL Initiative about African and other languages taught at the 120 U.S. Title VI National Resource Centers.

MSU Libraries and Publications

MSU's two Africanist librarians provide a guide to electronic resources of the MSU Libraries and other resources. The MSU Press publishes books and distributes works of African publishers, and MSU units publish papers on agriculture and development and on women and gender.

External Resources on Africa

Find high-quality news and analysis, information on U.S. policy, educational materials, African countries, and non-government organizations in Africa.

React and Respond: The Phenomenon of Kony2012

The unprecedented attention generated in March 2012 by the Kony2012 video that was watched by over 100 million individuals around the world provided a unique "teaching moment" for educators and students. As concerned Africanist educators associated with Outreach Council of the African Studies Association and the Association of Concerned African Scholars the suggestions in the above linked document (with brief guidelines) and its companion Kony2012 Long Guidelines are provided for educators (and concerned citizens).