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"Eye on Africa" Speakers for Spring 2015

Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Location: Room 201, International Center, 427 N Shaw Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824 Ph: 517-353-1700

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Date Name Affiliation Topic
01/15 Brennan, Jim Faculty (History, Univ. of Illinois-Urbana Champaign) "Cosmopolitanism and Intelligence in Postcolonial Tanzania"
01/22 Bill Burke Research Scholar (Ctr for Food Security & the Environment, Stanford Univ) "Agronomy and the Economy: Using Soil Analysis to Understand Fertilizer Use and Effectiveness on Smallholder Farms in Zambia"
01/29 Tian Cai Faculty (Communication Arts and Sciences, MSU) "Participatory Videos for Smallholder Farmer Training in Malawi: an Analysis of Knowledge Gain and Short-term Adoption"
02/05 Comlanvi Sitou Akibode Graduate Student [(Emerging Geo-political Economy of Natural Resources in Africa (EGNRA, MSU)] "Neo-Colonialism Or Foreign Direct Investment: A Scorecard Analysis Of International Land Acquisitions in Africa"
02/12 Mike McGovern Faculty, (Anthropology, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor) "Uncertainty: Managing an Epidemic under Conditions of Precarity"
02/19 Hikabwa Chipande Graduate Student (History, MSU) "Football (soccer) and Post-colonial Politics in Zambia 1964-1984"
02/26 Kenneth Gyang
03/12 S P R I N G B R E A K - (No Presentations)
03/19 Emilie Diouf Graduate Student (History, MSU) "Framing the African Refuge Woman: Media Witnessing and Human Rights Discourse"
03/20 Isaac Kalumbu Program Manager (The MasterCard Foundation, MSU) "From Gweru to the GRAMMY'S: The Journey of an African Cosmopolitan Musician"
03/25 Paul Zeleza (Dist. Lecture)
03/26 Dayo Olopade Author & JD/MBA Candidate (Yale Law School & Yale School of Management) "Kanju: Informality and Innovation in Africa's 'Fail' States"
04/02 Judy Bass Faculty (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) TBD
04/9 John Aerni-Flessner Faculty, RCAH (MSU) TBD
04/16 Thom Jayne Faculty (Agriculture, Food & Resource Economics, MSU) "Mega-Trends Affecting Africa's Food Systems"
04/23 Chewe Nkonde PhD Candidate, Dept. of Community Sustainability (MSU) "Farm Structure Change: What are its Effects on Agricultural Productivity, Technology Use and Prospects for Inclusive Agricultural Development in Zambia?"
Special Fri. 04/24 Peter Cole (John Beck speaker) ODWODL History, Western Illinois Univ "On the Waterfront in Durban and San Francisco: Longshoremen and Social Movement Unionism, 1934-1994"