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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is the major channel for advising the Director on matters of Center policy, program, personnel, grants, and on any other matter of importance. The committee usually meets once each semester. Advisory Committee members serve for a term of two years.

2020 Advisory Committee Members

John Kaneene, College of Veterinary Medicine. Current Advisory Committee Chair

Steve Esquith, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. Elected September 2018

Ruth Mbabazi, Department of Entomology. Elected September 2018

Leapetswe Malete, Department of Kinesiology. Elected September 2018

Philip Effiong, Department of English. Elected February 2020

Amara Ezeamama, Department of Psychiatry. Elected February 2020

Amber Pearson, Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences. Elected February 2020

Angela Manjichi, Department of Community Sustainability, Student Representative. February 2020

Jose Jackson-Malete/Amy Jamison, Ex-Officio, Alliance for African Partnership Co-Directors

Jamie Monson, Ex-Officio, African Studies Center Director

Awa Sarr, Ex-Officio, African Studies Center Assistant Director

Isaac Kalumbu, Ex-Officio, African Studies Center Assistant Director