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The Michigan State University African Studies Center has 170 faculty with experience on Africa, probably the largest in the nation, including the largest faculties in social science (40) and in economics and agricultural economics (16). The Center features many other scholars in African languages, the arts and humanities, education, agricultural and natural sciences, health and medicine and other fields. The faculty members are listed alphabetically by college and departmental affiliation, noting geographical areas of Africa experience, and teaching and research interests.


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Damaris Choti

Department: African Studies Center
Email: chotid(at)
Damaris Choti is Assistant to the Director of African Studies Center at MSU. She holds PhD and MA degrees in K-12 Educational Administration from Michigan State University. Damaris coordinates and facilitates communication and collaboration among Africa-related student groups at MSU. She also identifies and recruits students with interest in Africa and, together with them, designs a series of activities that help the larger MSU community learn more about Africa and the learning opportunities available through the African Studies Center. She advises Kongamano student group and the African Graduate Students Association (AGSA). Damaris’s areas of interest include school administration, women school leadership, gender studies and African studies. She has authored a book chapter Where did the Girls go?: The Role of Socialization and Institutions in Silencing Female Voices. In "Becoming Critical: The Emergence of Social Justice Scholars" Eds: Broscoe, F. & Muhammad K. (SUNY, 2015) and an article, The Role of Family Social Capital in the Upward Mobility of Kenyan Female School Principals (Kenya Scholars and Studies Association KESSA, 2013).