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Somali Association of Michigan (SAM)

Published: Thursday, 09 Jan 2014
Author: Lisa Fruge
Department: African Studies Center

Somali Association of Michigan

The Somali Association of Michigan (SAM) is a student-led volunteer organization dedicated to helping Somali students and families in the greater Lansing area. SAM is a unique student organization in that its membership expands beyond MSU. Not only is it a registered student organization (RSO) on campus, but it is also a non-profit organization registered with the State of Michigan. In this way, SAM is open to the whole community in order to make a comprehensive difference. SAM’s objective is to become a grassroots social and educational organization; one that works to develop an atmosphere in which cultural inclusiveness is maintained. The organization’s long-term goal is to generate productive Somali youths in the community by mentoring and inspiring them to seek higher education.

In order to achieve their goal, SAM members offer various social and educational programs/services that are meant to empower Somali youths and their families to participate fully in society. Such programs include mentoring and after-school activities for the youth, interpretation/ translation services and documentation services which involve assisting families that need help to fill out applications for human services, housing, schooling and employment. In addition, SAM works to address the cultural gap between Somalis and members of the local community by creating community awareness of Somalia, its culture, and its people.

SAM members meet weekly at the MSU Union to discuss current issues, both local and abroad. They also hold social events within and outside MSU. SAM members have credited the organization for helping them network and make lifetime friendships, build leadership skills, and also offering them an opportunity to celebrate the Somalia culture.

To catch up on meeting times and upcoming events, find SAM on Facebook at, visit their website at, or follow them on Twitter @SomaliofMSU.

For more information:
Email SAM: somali(at)
Hajiow Haji, President: hajihaji(at)
Abdulkadir Muridi, Vice President: muridiab(at)