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Year of Global Africa Announcement at the Annual MLK Endowed Scholarship Dinner

Published: Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018
Author: Blessing S Mavima
Department: African Studies Center

Good Evening. My name is Jamie Monson and I am the Director of the African Studies Center at Michigan State University. I wish to thank the Planning Committee of the MLK Day for this opportunity to speak to you tonight about the launch of the Year of Global Africa. The Year of Africa was launched last fall with a halftime show in Spartan Stadium. The year of Global Africa will actually be an 19-month celebration, highlighting MSU's rich history of connection with our many partners across Africa and throughout the African Diaspora- inclusive of our own communities here in Michigan.
Given last week's hate-filled remarks about the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora, it is all the more critical that we use this opportunity to continue to strengthen our historical commitment at MSU and in the African Studies Center- to the production and dissemination of truthful knowledge about Africa.
Over the 18-month Year of Global Africa, we will highlight Africa and African Diaspora related events both on our MSU campus and off-campus. These will include visiting speakers and programs; films and arts events; and civic engagement. We will foreground our flagship Alliance for African Partnership initiative. And we will reach beyond campus to feature two new African Study Abroad programs; two African book programs at the Public Libraries in Lansing and East Lansing; and an alumni Tour of Southern Africa led by John Metzler.
In the spirit of building inclusive communities, we invite each and everyone of you to get involved. Please go to the African Studies Center website ( where you can get more information about the YGA, and make a connection with us so that we can work together. Our events are also listen on the office of Inclusivity and Diversity calendear/
(You can also watch the African-themed Spartan Marching Band half-time show that kicked off the YGA on YouTube below)