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The Michigan State University African Studies Center has close to a hundred Core Faculty with experience on Africa, probably one of the largest in the nation. The Center features many scholars in social science, agricultural economics, African languages, the arts and humanities, education, health and medicine and many other fields.

The faculty members are listed alphabetically by college and departmental affiliation, noting geographical areas of Africa experience, and teaching and research interests.

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José Jackson- Malete

Department: Alliance for African Partnership
Countries/Research: Botswana
Email: jacks184(at)
José Jackson-Malete is based in the African Studies Center at Michigan State University within the Alliance for African Partnerships (AAP), a new initiative established by President Simon in 2016 to develop new, innovative ways of partnering with African institutions. She is a member of the AAP management team, with responsibilities for developing international collaborations; identifying and liaising with MSU and African partner organizations for management of research, development of research teams, implementation and evaluation of capacity building, and proposal development; coordinating and strategic management of international partnerships, especially those related to research and innovation; and exploration of grant opportunities for AAP initiatives. José was previously the Director of Research and Partnerships at the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI), the Deputy Director of Research at the University of Botswana and a faculty member of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Jamaica. She is a food scientist with Masters and PhD from Cornell University and Michigan State University, respectively, and has over 25 years experience in research, teaching and working in industry in Africa, the Caribbean and the USA, particularly within the Agriculture sector. She maintains an active research program that focuses on processing and adding value to indigenous fruit and vegetable products including the morama bean of Botswana and ackee fruit of Jamaica, ensuring quality and safety, contributing to food and nutrition security, while improving livelihoods for communities. José was born in St. Vincent in the Caribbean but spent the last 14 years living and working in Botswana. She has networks at higher education institutions and other organizations throughout the Caribbean and Africa.