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Student Organizations

There are a number of Africa-related organization on campus, whose overall mission is to promote Africa in different ways. Some of the groups focus on advocacy while others are dedicated to educating themselves and the larger MSU community about the African continent and sharpening their leadership skills to better serve Africa tomorrow. As a unit that represents Africa at MSU, the African Studies Center strives to offer the necessary support that student organizations require to accomplish their desired goals.


Student Advocacy Groups


kongamano.jpgKongamano is an umbrella student group that works closely with the African Studies Center at MSU. The group seeks to foster collaboration among student organizations related to or working in Africa and to also create a space for dialogue and networking among students, staff, faculty, and members of the Greater Lansing community who have interest and experience in Africa.

With the realization that too often popular culture and political rhetoric reflect a misunderstanding of the complexity and depth of the people and cultures within Africa, Kongamano has made a constant effort, through their events and projects, to promote knowledge about Africa and to expose the rich and vibrant aspects of life in Africa that have been perpetually silenced.


Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience


The goals of the Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience Program (mrule-ICA) are as follow:

Support students' transition to MSU and their engagement with campus services, resources, personnel, and peers.
Foster an inclusive campus climate that supports students' identity development, sense of belonging, and community building.
Cultivate students' abilities to engage with intercultural issues and cross cultural boundaries.
Support students' retention and persistence at MSU.
Build students' capacity to live and learn in a diverse, global society.
Enhance students' ability to view themselves as part of an interconnected global community.
Promote the value of lifelong, holistic learning.


one msu.jpgONE MSU is the campus chapter of the national, a campaign to end extreme poverty in Africa and other countries around the globe. According to the United Nations, every three seconds one child dies from AIDS, Tuberculosis and other preventable diseases. We want to change that.

As a student organization, we are dedicated to raising awareness about international poverty on campus and calling upon our state and federal government to address international poverty issues.

Additionally, ONE MSU competes against other universities from across the nation in the "ONE Campus Challenge." OCC, as it is called, is a contest in which each university attempts to have the most active and educated campus when it comes poverty issues. Schools complete certain actions that award their schools points. These points then increase their rank nationally. To see the current national standings, click here. Prizes include a free high profile concert, trips to Africa and much more! Be sure to check out the "Make An Impact" page for how you can help!

Spartan Global Fund

sgdf.pngSpartan Global Development Fund is a student-run initiative at Michigan State University. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Spartan Global consists of students, professors, and alumni. Members work to expand awareness and support for microfinance while building lasting partnerships in the quest for permanent solutions to global poverty. We aim to educate, inspire, and enable tomorrow's agents of global change by raising funds locally in order to offer microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the developing world.

Spartans for Nyaka Aids and Orphans Project

spartans for naoka.pngSpartans for Nyaka Aids and Orphans Project is a student organization at Michigan State University founded in September 2012. We are an affiliate of the Nyaka Aids Orphans Project.

The organization's mission is to increase the exposure of Nyaka Aids Orphans Project amongst Michigan State students and the greater East Lansing area.

The ultimate goal is to generate revenue and textiles to help support the children of the NAOP organization in order to enhance the quality of education for the children of Uganda.


International Student Organizations

African Female Students Empowerment Program

The African Female Student Empowerment Program was founded in 2016 by three MSU African female faculty from three different Units with the support of the African Studies Center: Damaris Choti, Assistant to the Director, African Studies Center; Sheba Onchiri, Academic Advisor and Student Support Specialist, The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program; Ruth Mbabazi, Research Scientist, World Technology Access Program, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

AFSEP was initiated on realization that while MSU offers a variety of student services designed to meet the needs of international students, few African female students took the initiative to seek and utilize these services. Besides some students had expressed challenges that include building professional networks, lack of motivation to take up leadership roles and issues to do with navigating dating and romantic relationships in a foreign culture - challenges that can be partially attributed to the gendered socialization patterns in communities from which these students come.

AFSEP is, therefore, a support program that provides space where African female students at MSU come together to build comradeship, receive mentorship and engage in activities that will foster their self-esteem and develop their leadership and professional expertise.


Workshops and monthly sessions where invited speakers familiar with gender issues in Africa facilitate discussions on varied topics including self-esteem, professional networking, leadership training and intimate relationships.

Mentorship sessions that include professional peer mentorship trainings.

Social gatherings intended to promote a sense of community among the female students.

African Graduate Student Association

The African Graduate Students Association formed in 2015, under the leadership of the African Studies Center, as a forum for MSU African graduate students to exchange ideas and frame issues pertinent to the development of Africa through research and scholarship.  AGSA was also meant to serve as a networking platform for African graduate students at MSU and facilitate the development of the students’ professional and leadership skills. 

Mission: To synergize, leverage, and mobilize resources for the development of Africa.

Vision: To shape the future of Africa through intellectual and civic engagements.


Monthly Meetings focused on topics relating to the economic, social and political development of Africa.

Annual Research Conferences in which African and Africanist graduate students present about their research or academic and community development projects.

Social events that include annual Fall welcome events to foster interaction among the new and old students. Faculty members are also invited to these events.

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African Student Leadership Association

asla.pngThe mission of the African Student Leadership Association is: As Africans in the United States of America studying in Michigan principally at Michigan State University, we realize for a concerted to address the future of Africa. Thus this association aims to support the achievement of that need, which is to boost the, political leadership among today young student generation. The ASLA aims to defend and maintain African heritage by conducting campaigns and different awareness programs and initiatives toward entrepreneurship in African, economics and development, politics and environmental issues.

Our Vision:
The ASLA at MSU points, as a vision is to think and to propose solutions about global economics policies, social and security issues with regards the African continent. Another point is to promote more teaching about the importance of the African Union for African prosperity and economic independence. As Africans we are also conscious and confident of today student, who will have a responsibility to take over whatever are doing today by our leaders and to make sure to build a strong interstate-relation in Africa, and even with the globe.

Our Objectives:
ASLA at MSU holds weekly meeting, which shall focus on the Africa news of the days, week, or the month it will platform special page for each African country at every meeting. In addition, ASLA shall organize seminars and workshops with intern or external relations to promote Africa and African's interest in the world.

Economics and Development

African Student Union

The African Students Union is an innovative student organization at Michigan State University born out in a grand mission of preparing future leaders that will serve the African continent and help relieve it from the socio-political and economic crises that ravaged its member states for a period of more than 300 years.

AngoSpartan (Angolan Student Organization)

AngoSpartan is an organization of Angolan Students at MSU campus who seek to share Angola’s candor and lifestyle with MSU community through cultural and educational programs, such as dances, poetry, music, workshops among others.

Core values:

  • Diversity and Integration: We accept you regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

  • Education: Know Us, Discover Angola

  • Joyful Moments: We want you to have the best time in your college years-allow us to be part of it.

  • Excellence: Join us in a journey to academic excellence and internationalization.


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Council of Graduate Students

COGSportrait.jpgThe Council of Graduate Students is an authorized student government on campus representing our graduate/professional students at various levels across Michigan State University. Our mission is to improve and advance graduate education in order to ensure the vitality of intellectual discovery.

COGS accomplishes its mission through advocacy, innovative research, and the development and dissemination of best practices.

Supporting education is critical to achieving the highly skilled workforce needed for the U.S. to compete effectively in the 21st century global economy.


Muslim Students Association

Its purpose is to bring Muslim students together on campus, and it tries to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam. The MSA at MSU is more than just a group of people in an organization. It's a family of brothers and sisters in Islam. It strives to bring people together for the sake of God.

More information can be found here: Muslim Students' Association

Somali Association of Michigan State University (SAM)


The Somali Association of Michigan State University (SAM) is a student led volunteer organization that is dedicated to helping all Somali students and families in the Greater Lansing area through social service and activities/programs.  SAM was created to serve the Somali population and to also educate the MSU and local community.  SAM is dedicated to improving the social conditions of the Somali people in our community. We believe that it is vital for the youth to uplift and be involved with our wonderful campus and local community. We believe in creating a small campus community that is inclusive and inviting to ALL people. 


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