International Studies & Programs

Funding & Collaborative Opportunities

Funding & Collaborative Opportunities

Curriculum Development Grants

Develop a new or revise your course with 25% or more of Africa-focused content and get $3 000 in summer stipend support from the ASC! Plus, we might cover consulting services for content assistance. [More Info]


Strategic Partnership Grants

Are you interested in forging new partnerships with universities and research institutions in Africa? Our Strategic Partnership funds provide valuable travel support to help you build these exciting connections. MSU faculty need to secure a 20% match from their college dean, department chair, or another source. These awards aim to  catalyze collaborative proposals between MSU faculty and new partners at African institutions to seek external funding or the development of new curricular outputs, such as courses, modules, degree programs, or student and faculty exchanges. [Learn more here]


Expand Your Global Horizons with Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Projects

Expand global horizons through transformative learning with COIL Projects! Collaborate with professors in Africa on time-limited projects within existing courses. US and African students work together and gain critical cross-cultural skills in a globalizing world, all without leaving home. Enhance global competencies and open doors to future student and faculty exchanges. [Contact Dr. Isaac Kalumbu at kalumbu(at) for more information]


Discover and Learn an African Language this summer!

Join our virtual Swahili or Zulu course for just $50! Bring friends, family, and neighbors for an unforgettable language-learning experience. Receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the program. Revisit the site for next year's summer language program announcement and application deadline. [More information here]


Unlock Student Funding with Africa Foreign Languages and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Are your students eager to learn an African language for course requirements or conducting field research? FLAS Fellowships offer undergraduates $10,000 towards tuition and fees plus a $5,000 stipend for the academic year, while graduates receive $18,000 towards tuition and fees alongside a $20,000 stipend. Summer FLAS recipients receive $5,000 in tuition support and a $2,500 stipend. [Find out more here].


Fuel Your Students’ Research in Africa with ASC Travel Funding Opportunities

Do any of your students conduct research in/on Africa? MSU's ASC offers up to $1,000 in support to students for domestic travel expenses related to research and scholarly conference presentations. Funding amounts are contingent upon the event and fund availability. [Learn more link].


Nnamdi Azikiwe $2,000 Fellowship for International African Students

Named in honor of former Nigerian President, Nnamdi Azikiwe, this award offers up to $2,000 to assist international African students with travel to Africa for research purposes. Celebrating Azikiwe's legacy as a distinguished scholar and politician, the award commemorates his leadership in inviting MSU faculty to help establish the University of Nigeria at Nsukka. [Link to more information]


Nominate a Top Scholar or Collaborator Focused on Africa as a Speaker Now!

Invite an eminent scholar, a current or future collaborator, to MSU as a guest speaker. ASC can contribute or fully cover travel costs within the USA, lodging, and an honorarium. This is a fantastic opportunity for speakers to meet your students to guest lecture, and network to generate future collaborations. Nominate [here] and make the most of their visit! 

Additionally, showcase your work to MSU and a global audience by speaking in the ASC Eye on Africa talk series. Don't miss this chance to share your research and connect with the international community! [Links to more information]


Join the MSU African Studies Center Core Faculty:

The ASC at MSU, with over 100 experts, is one of the largest hubs for Africa-focused research and teaching in the nation. Faculty members and academic staff with a continuing professional focus on Africa are eligible. Enjoy access to collaborative opportunities, interdisciplinary resources, increased Africa-focused teaching, research, and outreach impact, while shaping the direction of the ASC. Apply now to become a Core Faculty member and elevate your impact! [Link to more information]