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Web-based Resources

The academic resources page offers a compilation of domestic and international web-based resources available to scholars of Africa.

African Activist Archive

Preserving the history of U.S. activism to support the struggle for freedom in Africa from 1950-1994, particularly in local communities. By MSU African Studies Center and Richard Knight.

African Media Project

A database of more than 13,000 films, videos, and other audio-visual materials about Africa, many with reviews by Africanist faculty and graduate students. Especially useful to teachers for introducing Africa to students. By MSU African Studies Center with MATRIX.

Africa Focus

Analysis and progressive advocacy on African issues, with particular attention to priority issues affecting the entire continent. The AfricaFocus Bulletin, produced and distributed by e-mail one to three times a week, is featured, including a full archive. Produced by Bill Minter, Washington, D.C.

Africa Focus (digital)

Collection of more than 3000 slides, 500 photographs, 50 hours of sounds from 45 African countries as well as difficult-to-find texts of interest to scholars. By University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.


Africa Past and Present (Afripod) is a podcast about history, culture, and politics in Africa and the diaspora. The show highlights interesting and significant people, ideas, and discussions in African Studies from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives. The podcast is hosted by MSU historian Peter Alegi and produced by Matrix: Center for Digital Humanities & Social Sciences at MSU. Thanks to funding from Matrix and the MSU Department of History, this web site includes an online digital archive of all shows, as well as links to multimedia resources and collections of relevance to African experiences, past and present.

Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources

An extensive annotated directory of web resources about Africa organized by country and topic. Maintained by Karen Fung, Stanford University Libraries.

Africa Web Links: An Annotated Resource List

An annotated directory organized by country and topic, maintained by Dr. Ali B. Ali-Dina, African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania.

African Studies Association

Principal U.S. African studies professional association founded in 1957 in the United States with a quarterly journal, newsletter, and annual meeting for scholars, students, and professionals. Includes information on program of annual meeting held each November.

Africana Library

The MSU Libraries house a vast amount of African content in the Africana Library with over 270,000 print volumes and over 500,000 digital items, making it among the top three university collections nationally for sub-Saharan Africa.


A research project on the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa, with surveys in 18 countries for comparison over time within and across countries. Briefing papers, working papers, and some data sets are available online. Core partners are the MSU Political Science Department, Center for Democratic Development (Ghana), and Institute for Democracy in South Africa (South Africa).

Current news about Africa from 125 African news organizations and more than 200 other sources. Searchable by region and topics. Special collections on sustainable development, peace, and business in Africa. 

Diversity and Tolerance in the Islam of West Africa

Making available online previously-unavailable oral, photographic, video, and archival materials about Muslim practices in Senegal and Ghana. The first collection is about religious pluralism in St. Louis, Senegal. By MATRIX and researchers at MSU and six other universities.

Gateway to African Studies on H-Net

Eleven edited discussion networks about Africa on topics such as teaching about Africa, South Africa, West African history, Hausa, contemporary politics, and film and cinema. Many discussion lists include book reviews. H-Net is an international scholarly network hosted at MATRIX.

The Index on Africa

A gateway to information on the web about Africa, with more than 3,800 links sorted by country, subject and news. Country pages include selected resources about Companies, Development, Education, General Information, Human Rights, Politics, Women and Gender, Culture, Economy, Environment, Health, Media, and Tourism. Produced by The Norwegian Council for Africa with support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

Northeast African Studies Journal

This leading scholarly journal on Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and Djibouti is published three times a year by the African Studies Center and MSU Press. The Journal is available on-line at Project Muse.

South African Film and Video project

A project uses the Internet to build the database of South African film and video productions and to digitize select holdings of South African partners for deposit in the MSU Library and South African institutions. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education Program for Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access. By MSU African Studies Center and MATRIX.