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Undergraduate Studies

There are many different ways for undergraduates to incorporate African studies into their undergraduate experience including majors, minors, study abroad programs, language study, and student organizations.

Graduate Studies

There are four formal options for the study of Africa in graduate pro­grams:

  1. MA Concentration in African Studies
  2. MA in African American & African Studies
  3. PhD Graduate Certif­icate in African Studies
  4. PhD in African American & African Studies

Additional graduate options include the formal combi­nation of African Studies Graduate Spe­cialization, con­centration or certificate pro­grams with a host of MA, PhD and pro­fessional pro­grams. 

Course Offerings

The following courses are offered by departments and programs across the university. They may be used to satisfy either the FLAS language and area studies requirements or the Certificate in African Studies requirement.

African Language Studies

MSU offers instruction in 30 African languages, representing all the major regions of Africa. Some languages are taught regularly in a classroom setting; many are on a tutorial basis. These are learner-oriented and on demand, and native speakers are recruited from the many African students in the MSU community to serve as tutors, supervised weekly by a faculty linguist. Classroom work may be supplemented by an advanced language laboratory and computer-assisted instruction.

The African Studies Center also offers FLAS fellowships to students enrolled in a program that combines language study and international development studies.

Study Abroad & Other Opportunities

The African Studies Center works with other colleges, departments, and universities to offer study abroad, research, and internship opportunities. Find out more about how to get involved here!