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The Michigan State University African Studies Center has close to a hundred Core Faculty with experience on Africa, probably one of the largest in the nation. The Center features many scholars in social science, agricultural economics, African languages, the arts and humanities, education, health and medicine and many other fields.

The faculty members are listed alphabetically by college and departmental affiliation, noting geographical areas of Africa experience, and teaching and research interests.

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Michael Marcellus Green

Department: MATRIX
Countries/Research: Senegal
Email: greenmi8(at)
Michael Green is Director of MATRIX Digital Media Lab and has been with Matrix: Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University since 2010. He holds a Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. His B.A. from Michigan State University is in Media Arts & Technology, where he specialized in Documentary Studies. Michael has worked on several Africa related projects while at Matrix, serving as a project manager, media producer, and Principal investigator. Some of these projects include: Africa Past and Present podcast (known commonly as Afripod), Exploring Africa website, Goree Island Archaeological Digital Repository with University of Dakar, Mën Na Nekk multimedia project with ImagiNation Afrika, developing the African Studies Association’s annual conference podcast (known as ASAPOD). His extensive work in Senegal has included technological workshops and trainings to empower partners and foster mutually beneficial collaborations.