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FLAS Terms and Conditions

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are awarded to students enrolled in a program that combines the study of a modern foreign language with advanced training in international development studies or in the international development aspects of professional or other fields of study.

Renewals are not automatic; FLAS Fellows must reapply each year. If a Fellow must resign or withdraw during the year for legitimate and acceptable reason, the award will be prorated on a monthly basis. The Fellow will be asked to repay all expenses incurred by the FLAS Fellowship if the withdrawal or resignation from the program is deemed unacceptable.

Fellowships are only for the academic year (September-May) or for eight week summer programs. For more information about FLAS fellowships, contact Awa Sarr at sarrawa(at)


A FLAS application will not be accepted if the application is not submitted and signed by the application deadline. The signed application serves two purposes: it indicates the applicant's agreement to waiver his/her right to see the recommendation letters, as they are confidential between a referee and the center. It also serves as confirmation of the veracity of the contents of the application.


Fellows must enroll in African language and non-language (area study) courses during each semester. A list of the Center Core Curriculum for each semester of the award is posted on the Center's Website.

One of the area study courses must be outside the college of the student's major field. (Permission from the FLAS Program Coordinator is needed if the area studies courses are less than 3 credit hours each.)

FLAS fellows are required to provide a list of courses and credits by the middle of each semester. Final reports from fellows are required at the end of the award year.


Unless the employment available is only for half-time assistantship, FLAS Fellows' employment should be limited to a quarter-time research or teaching position only. Preferably, the employment should be related to the student's program of study.

Doctoral Students

For students at dissertation stage (who have completed prelims and Ph.D. residence requirements): Fellows can register for 1 dissertation research credit for each semester. To do so, Fellows must provide a written confirmation from the major/academic advisor that the student is at the dissertation stage and has completed all university residency requirements.

The student must include at least one member of the African Studies core faculty on the doctoral studies and dissertation committee(s).